Some articles I have written:

1. What Is the Importance of Science to Faith?  (backup link)

2. Nothing and Everything (A Response to Lawrence Krauss’s A Universe from Nothing)

3a. Galileo’s Contribution to the Church (English): (link has ceased to be functional)

3b. La contribución de Galileo a la Iglesia (Español): (el vínculo ha dejado de funcionar)

4. Galileo’s Letter to Grand Duchess Christina

5. Improving the Calendar

6. On the Planetary Status of Pluto

7a. So Just How Crazy Is the Idea of Extraterrestrial Life? The “Are We Alone?” Problem and a New Astronomical Discovery (English): (link has ceased to be functional)

7b. La vida en la Tierra ¿y en Gliese 581g? Un problema interdisciplinar (Español)

8. The Tilma of Guadalupe: Runner-up for Most Valuable Relic: (link has ceased to be functional)

9. My testimony on the Legion of Christ College of Humanities Cheshire alumni page


Some random links I want to share:

  1. Society of Catholic Scientists
  2. Gravity Simulator
  3. Home Page for Calendar Reform
  4. Periodic Videos (a video for each element in the Periodic Table)
  5. Can Toroid Planets Exist?
  6. Interdisciplinary Encyclopedia of Religion and Science
  7. Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive
  8. Deaths in the Iliad
  9. The Most Metal Deaths in Middle-earth, Ranked